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Candlestick pattern in details

Hammer, three-line strike and three white soldiers are some of the well known candlestick patterns but do you know how these candlestick patterns work? This article will explain the market psychology behind these candlestick patterns and also, a mini case study on how to derive a trading strategy based on candlestick patterns using Stochie.com.

Trading Oscillators

Many stock charts include trading oscillators information and some of the most popular trading oscillators are RSI (Relative Strength Index) and Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD). These indicators are typically used to measure how overbought or oversold an equity is. If it is heavily oversold, there is high chance the stock price will rebound back and vice versa. This article will discuss on the working mechanism of the different trading oscillators and their use cases.

How to invest using Stochie.com in 2022?

With all the QE measures driving up the inflation rate, recession seem to be highly possible in 2022. This article will discuss on various means to preserve one's wealth in this challenging time and also provide examples on how to utilize Stochie.com to get the right investments.

Is Cryptocurrency a better investment than Stock?

No one will be able to predict that Bitcoin will appreciate more than 600000 times since its inception. It is not surprising with such a jaw-dropping return, there are 19 crypto billionaires in 2022 and along with it, even more crypto milliionaires. This article will discuss more on whether crytocurreny is a good investment as compared to stock.

Why Stochie.com is using real-time chat?

In the internet, the two most popular forms of communication are forum and real-time chat. This article will provide details on the mechanisms behind the two different approaches and discuss on their pros and cons.

Why Stochie.com employs an OAuth 2.0 authentication?

OAuth 2.0 which is a successor to Oauth 1.0 (founded in Nov 2006) is relatively new technology and yet, it has benefitted us greatly. One of its use cases is for authentication purpose and in today's digital era, everyone should have already encountered at least one website which allow its user to signup and login by using their Facebook, Google or even Apple account. It provides ease-of-usage without compromising on the security aspects and this is the reason why Stochie.com choose this over the traditional login methods. This articles will provide more information on OAuth 2.0 such as how it work? Does Stochie.com get to know your Google account password?

Importance of Keeping Up with Latest News

It is undeniable that news affect the stock market greatly and this article will discuss on how market react to unanticapted news. A great deal of the article will also touch on the threat of fake news, first couned by left-leaning websites and later popularized by Donald Trump.

Technical Analysis in Stochie.com

Technical analysis is one of the two trading disciplines employed to evaluate on investments. It involves looking for patterns in the current and historical price movements of a particular stock or group of stocks to predict the future price movements. This article will explore on the trendline and candlestick chart patterns featured in Stochie.com.

Visualizing Historical Trends for Fundamental Data

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. By providing elements like maps, charts and graphs, it generally gives a much clearer picture and needs less effort to analyze compared to its counterparts. In this articles, various use cases will be presented to showcase the power of data visualization in Stochie.com